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How does It Work??

After contacting us and setting up an appointment with our Certified Gemologist Appraiser, you can visit us in Rye, NY or we will go to your residence or office.  If the jewelry appraiser comes to you, he will bring all of the equipment necessary to perform the appraisal.  Regardless, the actual jewelry appraisal will be done right in front of you and the jewelry will never leave your sight.  At the end, the jewelry appraiser will give you all of the information verbally about your jewelry and answer all your questions to your satisfaction.  Any GIA diamond certificates or other lab certificates you received with the purchase of your diamond will be compared and confirmed.  After the appointment, the jewelry appraiser will prepare a full written jewelry appraisal report which includes a full and accurate description and photographs.  All single and two item jewelry appraisals will be mailed within one week.

What does an Engagement Ring Appraisal Include?

First, the gemologist will test the center diamond and all of the side diamonds to make sure they are real.  The center diamond will be analyzed to determine its clarity, color, cut, carat weight, and other important parameters.  The side diamonds will also be evaluated, as well as the metal of the mounting.  Your new jewelry appraisal will include  a full description with photographs and the approximate replacement value of the engagement ring.

What Types of Jewelry Appraisals Can be Done?

  • Insurance Purposes
  • Selling Jewelry
  • Estate Tax Purposes
  • Disputes, Divorce, Lawsuits
  • Loan Collateral.

Here are some examples of different situations that arise  in which you may need a jewelry  appraisal and/or our expertise:

1. You need to insure a new piece of jewelry, and the insurance company requires a jewelry appraisal.

2. You just purchased a new piece of jewelry and you want a jewelry appraisal to verify that it is what it was represented to be; that you were not lied to.

3. You have a piece of jewelry you may be interested in selling and need a jewelry appraisal to know its value. 

4. You inherited jewelry and have no idea what it is, if it's real, what it's value is.

5. Someone would like to settle a debt with jewelry, and you need to know the true value of the jewelry.

6.  You purchased a Rolex watch online, and even though the vendor had good reviews, you want to verify it's authenticity by getting a Rolex Authentication Report.

7. You are the executor of a will and you need to have a jewelry appraisal for estate tax purposes.  

8. You have not had a jewelry appraisal performed on your jewelry in five or more years.

9. You are the executor of a will and you need to have a jewelry appraisal done so that the proceeds can be divided fairly amongst the heirs.

10. You are in divorce proceedings, and the attorneys require the value of jewelry disputed in the divorce.

11. You think another jeweler or another party may have switched valuable stones from your jewelry with less valuable or fake stones.

Each situation has different issues and brings up different questions.  

Many of these situations can be unpleasant and difficult.  This is our field of expertise and Reyman Gem Services is always here to help you.

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Areas of Specialty

  • Diamonds and Colored Stone Jewelry
  • Estate and Antique Jewelry
  • Gold, Platinum
  • Silver Flatware, Silver Holloware
  • Watches
  • Pocket Watches