About the Jewelry Appraiser


Why You Should Choose Us

The field of jewelry appraising is generally unregulated in most states.  That means that anyone who wants to be a  jewelry appraiser can legally do so even if they have no idea what they're doing, even if they haven't any education, training or experience in the field!  Our jewelry appraiser is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA), the highest rating a gemologist can achieve in the United States.  It requires a high level of education, years of experience and the gemologist to subscribe to a strict code of ethics.  The CGA title is re-certified annually.  This assures you that the jewelry appraiser knows all about the latest updates, discoveries, and technologies to insure a proper appraisal is performed.  Mark Reyman is the only Certified Gemologist Appraiser in Westchester County and one of only a handful in the New York Metropolitan Area.  There are presently none in Manhattan or any of the outer boroughs of New York City.


With more than 6000 written jewelry appraisals over the past 35 years, you can feel confident that Certified Gemologist Appraiser Mark Reyman can appraise your precious jewelry with unmatched expertise.

Here is a partial list of his exceptional qualifications:

Certified Gemologist Appraiser - American Gem Society

Certified Gemologist - American Gem Society

Graduate Gemologist - Gemological Institute of America

Registered Jeweler - American Gem Society

Expert Witness

Mark has performed diamond appraisals, watch appraisals, and jewelry appraisals while assisting with criminal investigations for the District Attorney's offices in Westchester and Bronx Counties, NY.  His work with the court system has included appraising jewelry and testifying in front of a Grand Jury as an expert witness jewelry appraiser.  Mark has also testified in Surrogates Court regarding will disputes, and has served as an expert witness jewelry appraiser many times in lower courts to assist in resolving many complicated disputes.  He is admired among his peers and customers for his quiet, balanced manner, his unmatched expertise and vast experience, and a sense of always being fair and impartial.  You can feel confident that when Certified Gemologist Appraiser performs your jewelry appraisal, watch appraisal, or diamond appraisal, you are receiving the very best service and expertise in the field.  Reyman Jewelry Appraisal Services will provide the same dependable, quality work for you that we have provided to our famous celebrity clients for their multi-million dollar jewelry pieces.

If we can appraise million dollar items as well as pieces owned by celebrities, we can do your's