Q:  How long does a jewelry appraisal take to perform from start to  finish?

 A:  Generally, one hour for a typical diamond engagement ring appraisal .

Q:  May I watch? 

A:  Of course. Feel secure while your jewelry appraisal is done right in front of you.  Many people also find it quite interesting and highly educational. 

Q:  What does a jewelry appraisal include?

A:  Typically, for a diamond engagement ring appraisal, we include a full written description of the center diamond including the dimensions, estimated weight, clarity grade, color grade, specific measurements of certain parameters of the center diamond, specs of the side diamonds, if any, a mounting description (the metal part), photographs, and of course the value.

  Q:  I have a large parcel of jewelry. I'm not sure what it is...it may be all real or it may all be fake. How does that work?

 A:  No problem...Usually, we will go through the parcel quickly and divide it into three piles: the good stuff, the costume jewelry, and the jewelry that has some value but not much (such as silver).

 Q:  I've heard that some insurance companies do not accept all jewelry appraisals. Is that true?

 A:  That is true - some insurance companies are very particular. They require that a jewelry appraisal be performed by a particular jewelry appraiser called a C.G. or a C.G.A. (Certified Gemologist Appraiser).  Insurance companies are always very satisfied with Reyman Jewelry Appraisal Service's Certified Gemologist Appraiser's qualifications and our very detailed jewelry appraisal reports. 

Q: How often do I need to get my jewelry appraisal updated?

A: Generally speaking, we recommend updates every five years.  If the markets are volatile...then more often and if everything is very stable...less often.

  Q:  When do I get the jewelry appraisal report?

  A:  Generally, for 1-2 items, it takes approximately one week for the report to be prepared and then go out.  More than two items require a longer lead time.  If there is a time constraint involved, Reyman Gem Service's jewelry appraiser will work with you whenever possible to meet your deadline.

 Q:  When do I pay for the jewelry appraisal?

 A:  Payment is expected at the time of the appointment. 

Q: What forms of payments do you accept?

A:  Cash and checks only; no credit cards.

Q:  How do I make an appointment? 

A:  Just call (914) 574-4480 and ask to set up an appointment with the Certified Gemologist Appraiser to have a jewelry appraisal performed.