Meet Certified Gemologist Appraiser Mark Reyman

Mark Reyman is the most highly qualified expert jewelry appraiser in Westchester county.   As a Certified Gemologist Appraiser, Mark Reyman has the highest rating a jewelry appraiser can achieve in the United States and one of only a very few in the New York Metropolitan area.  (There are presently none in the five boroughs).   Whether it's for a new diamond engagement ring, a luxury watch, or an antique bracelet,  you want someone who has top level expertise as well as decades of experience.  This describes expert diamond appraiser Mark Reyman.  Please call us at 914-574-4480 and talk to one of our  gem experts today.

When Only The Best Will Do

  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Trained
  • He has performed well over 6000 written jewelry appraisals
  • His work spans 35+ years
  • Appraised jewelry has included rare, one-of-a-kind, and multi-million dollar items
  • Some appraised items have been owned by world famous celebrities
  • The District Attorney's offices of both Westchester & Bronx Counties have recognized and utilized Mark Reyman's expert jewelry appraisal work
  • The NY State court system has qualified Mark Reyman as an expert witness in Grand Jury, Surrogates Court, & numerous lower courts.
  • Mark Reyman has been interviewed on the radio as a gem and jewelry expert
  • He was selected as one (of two) highly regarded gem and jewelry experts in the U.S. by Consumer Reports magazine to assist them in the course of doing research for an in-depth article about purchasing jewelry.

Jewelry appraiser Mark Reyman generally does all of his jewelry appraisal work in front of you while you watch whereas most jewelry stores require you to leave your jewelry for days (or weeks) at a time.

Please call 914-574-4480 and talk to one of our gem experts today.

Why Settle For Less


Many consumers are unaware that more than 95% of jewelry stores are NOT qualified to do jewelry appraisal work, lacking the education, expertise, and instruments to do a proper and accurate jewelry appraisal.  In addition, there is an inherent conflict of interest caused by the fact that many times they are selling the same item in their store.  This can be a problem when getting a jewelry appraisal on a brand new piece of jewelry to have it "checked out".  The jeweler may be tempted to "lowball" the value of your piece in his jewelry appraisal so that they can then convince you to return your jewelry so that they may sell you their own .

Mark Reyman would like to answer any questions you may have about having your diamonds, jewelry, antique jewelry, and watches appraised. 

Please call 914-574-4480 and talk to one of our gem experts today.


"Did I get a good deal..."


"I just bought a new piece of jewelry and I want to have it "checked out"."

  "Did I pay too much?"

  "Is it good quality?"


"I just got engaged... "


The next step is to get an engagement ring appraisal so that I can insure it.


"I'm curious about its real quality (not the quality the seller told me it was)."


"I'm thinking about selling my diamond / jewelry"


"I want a professional jewelry appraisers opinion of its value"


"How much do you think I can sell it for?"


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